Cinmar Vendor Partnership

   Vendor Forms


             Vendor Compliance Document

          Vendor Compliance Manual

                            CPSIA Certificate of Conformity Example 11.21  

                            Cinmar Importer Security Filing Form (ISF 10+2)  

                            Lacey Form 

                            Fish and Wildlife License 

          Prohibited Products Policy

          Cinmar Terms and Conditions

          VendorNet set-up Form


             Product Information Forms

          Cinmar Product Information Form


          Advance Shipment Notification

   Note-: “Effective January 1, 2022 – ASN Creator will no longer be an acceptable tool / method for submitting ASNs. To ensure ASN processing capability within VendorNet, contact your Vendor Compliance or VendorNet Specialist.”

    Instructions for NEW ASN Form


          Product Liability Insurance

           Product Liability Insurance


             Routing Guides

          Domestic Routing Guide

          International Routing Guide

                      CH Robinson International Contacts

                      International Vendor UPS Shipping Service Guidelines

          CEVA Registration Process for Drop Ship Vendors

          Dropship Routing Guide


          EDI Information

           English - Cinmar EDI Implementation Instructions - (November 2007)

           English - Cinmar 850 Implementation Guide - (August 2010)

           English - Cinmar 856 Implementation Guide - (August 2010)


            Cinmar Logos

        Frontgate Logo        PDF   EPS   TIF   JPEG

        Grandinroad Logo    PDF     JPEG




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